In case you didn’t know, that’s the mathematical equation for snow. And YUP! We have it here today!!!! It started out as a very cold rain. VERY COLD! Then, when I was walking home from lunch, it started to snow. SNOW, PEOPLE, SNOW!! I have never seen it just snow before like that. Sure, I’ve seen snow up in the mountains or when we go skiing, but I have never just been cruising the streets and snow falls on my head. Really cool!

Just one problem–all I have here are running shoes. Running shoes, as you know, have small air holes to vent the sweat. These air holes become your enemy in the snow…the freezing air comes inside and turns your toes into tiny icicles. Seriously. So, next up on the shopping list–snow-friendly shoes (though I may wait until I come home to get them so I can buy a pair that is good for my feet).

But, aside from the icy toes, the snow thing is really fun. Especially if you get to sit inside and sip hot tea while you watch it from the window. I knew it would be cool, but I didn’t think I would like it this much (and I bet you didn’t think so either)!