All you oldies–you know the song I am referencing, don’t act like you don’t!!


So, Logan Elementary is almost out of school for the summer. And I can already tell they are excited. So this is where I do the obligatory teacher thing and give all you kids summer advice:

1. READ. Feel free to read my blog as part of your reading time. But also…please read books–the kind WITH WORDS!
2. LEARN YOUR TIMES TABLES. Seriously. You will NOT enjoy my math class if you don’t know how to multiply. And I am a really cool math teacher. Just ask around.

3. PLAY. You better do it now because….come next year (you know, in 6 weeks, when the next school “year” starts???)….you won’t be playing much anymore. Especially if you are in my class. Mwahahahahaha! (That’s my evil laugh.)

Ok, I will see you guys next year. And if you are really lucky, like win-the-lottery lucky, I will see you everyday from 7:45-2:15 next year, if you know what I mean….