Mark paid for one day of internet here in Innsbruck, so I figured I would steal a few minutes to give you a quick update.  In a word, this place is AWESOME!!!  We are loving it here.  So far we have skiied three days in three different places.  Today we skiied on a glacier and even though we had to wait an hour to get up to the top of the mountain (the lifts up to the mountain are not always so efficient and there were a lot of people), we loved it on the glacier, and chances are, we will spend the better part of the rest of the week there.  The weather was perfect, the snow was perfect, and there are a ton of slopes to ski.  One of the runs was 10 kilometers long, and you just know I HAD to do that one.  Plus, they have a little Olympic park there and Mark likes to do the jumps.  I also saw him eyeing the timed slalom course set up….


Our hotel is quaint and cute and serves excellent breakfasts and dinners, which are included in our deal.  So….all in all….as long as I don’t break a leg or we don’t get sick, this vacation will probably go down as one of the finest ever.  We have lots of pictures and little stories to tell, but I will save them for later….


Until then….signing off from Austria (birthplace of Ahhhhnood Scwarzenegger, our governator).