I am officially….A SUBSTITUTE TEACHER. As in, the-phone-rings-at-5am to-tell-you-you-are-working substitute. Yeah, that kind. I have worked in almost all the grade levels, including 6th and KINDER!!!!!! I prefer 6th. Really. I will take “love” over “urine” any day of the week.

So, mostly I just work at Logan (HI LOGAN!!!! I miss you guys!!) But now and again I take a job at another site. And I have learned the miserable life of a substitute teacher where nobody knows your name–cue Cheers music here. The other teachers act as though you have never taught a day in your life. The administration acts as if you are just a random person from the streets, reminding you of basic procedure like how to have the kids walk in line and how to do recess duty.

So perhaps someone can answer this…did anyone stop to think that maybe, just maybe, the kids are misbehaving becaue there is a substitute? Not because the substitute doesn’t know how to teach??????? I mean, REALLY!!!!! DID ANYONE EVER THINK OF THAT???????? Because I’m pretty sure that after teaching at Logan Elementary for 10 years that I KNOW HOW TO DO RECESS DUTY, Mr. Principal at Scripps Ranch. In fact, I am pretty sure it is YOU who cannot handle recess duty. p.s. Mr. Principal North of the 8, kids congregating to gossip about their cute outfits does NOT constitute a horrific offense.

Ok. Enough if that. Got it off my chest.

Anyways. My fourth graders from last year are laughing at me when they see me teaching a class of “little kids” because I used to tell them that I taught them (“big kids) because they didn’t act like Kinders, nor should they. And now they tease me. It is like a sick revenge.

I am SO SO SO ready to teach again. I miss it SO much. I like my own room. And my own kids. And my own rules. I actually like my job. And I want it back. In just 4 months, I will have it again. And I’m sure that just one month later I will be lamenting the woes of teaching. All the work. The low pay. The bad days. Blah blah blah. It is still better than staring at a computer all day. Well…except that part where you have to spend DAYS filling out report cards. All except that….