*Kids–this is probably going to be boring reading for you, so you may want to go check out my pictures or solve the math problem instead.

Well, this may seem weird to you, but I must end (for now) my small series of history lessons. Two times now, I have had strange people write long comments on the small errors in my history lessons. You see, the history here is not like the history in the United States. Our recorded history is short, only a little over 200 years. The history here goes back thousands of years. And throughout all this time, other countries have come into Bulgaria and taken over the land. This, of course, leads to arguments about who is right and who is wrong. Think of our situation with Iraq, only people have been arguing over this for thousands of years.
Since I am writing this blog to be “kid friendly”, I do not include every single detail. I guess this angers some readers. They think I leave out the information in an attempt to change history and not admit the truth. This problem is even more intense because of the current political situation over here. Perhaps you have been following the news???? Bulgaria is trying to join the EU and they will do so on January 1st, provided they meet certain requirements (more on that in another post). This apparently brings up all kinds of political situations which hearken back to years past.

So, when I innocently write a general description of history here, I risk upsetting Greeks or Turks or Macedonians or Slavs or who knows who else. The question really is…how are they finding my little blog??? I think they must be consulting Google for the History of BG or something.

But I do think the history is important, so I am determined to find a way to write about it without becoming the subject of political rants. I will probably have to not use key words people could find when searching, or using a “code” so they can’t find me, something like: His.to.ry of Bul.gar.ia. Then I can hide, and continue my non-political, brief overview of the past without all the hassle of hearing how I offended one of the neighbors.

Sheesh!! You come for a little stay, try to do a little educating and the next thing you know, everyone’s mad at you. Touchy, touchy!

p.s. Don’t go looking for the long, obnoxious comments–I already erased all of them!

p.p.s. Seriously, though, one dude wrote like a three page term paper on the finer points of history I missed. I mean, GET A LIFE peeps, really!