The Good: I got a little job today. And I do mean little. I am a freelance journalist for the English newspaper. Basically, I write a couple of newspaper articles a month, they pay me a couple of dollars a month (Not kidding about the couple of dollars!). First up, a story on another foreigner living in Bulgaria and a restaurant review. The job I am really after is as the copy-editor of the newspaper. That means I would edit the paper every week. I am competing against a man from England for this job–we both will do it for 2 weeks and see who gets it.

I will win.

The Bad: Our internet was down for the past day. That happens here sometimes–the internet disappears and reappears, like magic. Problem is, our phone is also linked through the internet. So, about 2 minutes after I finally sent out my phone number (local to San Diego so people can call me FOR FREE), and I’m thinking surely I will finally hear a phone ring in my house, the internet dies. Fun times.

The Just Plain Ugly: New fact about our flat. Our neighbor on the third floor controls our electricity, and when he is bored or unhappy, he likes to turn ours off. Usually right about the time I am putting dinner in the oven, effectively squashing my hopes of a home-cooked meal. And my hopes of hearing my phone ring…It often comes back on right about the time we call the landlord. Again, like magic.