We experienced a major communications breakthrough on Sunday evening–the video teleconference using Sky.pe. Mark and I were able to successfully watch and talk to my brother, his wife and almost-two year old son at the same time. It’s almost as good as being at home. Almost.

They showed me their Starbucks cups and explained in detail what they had in there.   Non-fat Chai tea latte with two Splen.das and a non-fat, no sugar vanilla latte.  I remember so well.  Obviously there is nothing even close to Starbucks here…only thick, black Turkish-like coffee or Nescafe. Blech. We showed them our flat and what we had in our refrigerator, the highlight being the salsa we brought from home. Then they panned the camera to my nephew who was lounging on the couch watching his Einstein movie with the dog sleeping next to him. Really, all he needed was a remote control and a beverage and he would have been the exact replica of my brother…and my other brother…and my husband…and well, me. Okay. I said it. And me.

So, all you family and friends, if you’re feeling up to it, take on the challenge of the video teleconference. Besides actually seeing who you are talking to, you can pretend you are a movie star on the camera. Or just put your nostril up to it real close like Mark does.