…probably because I am not writing about them. Man! I’m soooo busy here. Well, ok, that may be an exaggeration because I lose a couple hours a day just hanging out with my 2 year old nephew. But other than that I am kind of busy. But, here are some stories I am going to write about in the next week. I promise. Really. (Plus the kids are coming back from Spring Break, so I gotta write!)
1. Being a substitute, the good, and the woes

2. Family Reunion Day with all three hounds

3. Our 8th Anniversary–featuring Mark Cassanova

4. Reason #204 why we won’t get the right visa and will have to stay here an extra month

5. How I gained the American 10 pounds that I now must lose

6.  Funny 2 year old antics

7. Eating lobster in Puerto Nuevo (should probably go with “How I Gained 10 Pounds”) with an added bonus of “My Driving Experience in Mexico”

Any others you want to hear? I am taking special requests. All this and more coming…starting tomorrow. Why tomorrow? Well, part of the reason I have been busy is because I am teaching Intersession at school and I need to spend all of tonight filling out incredibly bureaucratic, long, and tedious progress reports. Good to see things haven’t changed much in my absence…

Check back tomorrow, and/or Saturday. Really. Do.