(Bulgaria style)

“Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the flat
Many creatures were stirring
Even worms* and stray cats.

The stockings were hung
By the chimney radiator with care

While billows of smoke
Rose up through the air.


Mark and Kristy were nestled
All snug in their bed
While bouncy mattress springs
Poked their ribs and their head.

But out on the wood floors
They heard such a clatter.
They crawled from the bed
To see what was the matter.

And what to their jet lagged
Eyes should appear?
Well, one short and stumpy
Tri-colored hound-deer.


Tip tapping his paw-nails
All over the floor
As he jumped on the counter
To steal all the steaks and some more.

“The Basset! The Basset!”
They screamed in a flurry
As they yanked out the bread
From his mouth in a hurry.

The hound-deer was angry
And glared at their faces
With red laser-y eyes
And drool like shoelaces.

At the very same moment
He heard a strange sound
It was old Father Christmas
And he needed a hound.

So Hound-deer escaped
Out the flat, down the lift
Leaving for his owners
Not one single gift.

He flung himself into
The red sleigh with delight
Howling, “With this fat guy
I can have snacks aaaaaaaaallllllllllllll night!”

And so this is the tale
Of how there came to be
Eight Christmas reindeer
And one hungry hound-y.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

*Remind me to tell you about the worms that swarmed into the tub WHILE I WAS TAKING A BATH….

p.s.  I added more pictures to the gallery.  Check them out.  Be sure to click on the sub-album titled “Guiseppe’s Christmas” for more hilarious hound-deer pics.  🙂