You know that part in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where poor, poor Charlie opens his Wonka Bar to discover a shiny golden ticket and he goes leaping and singing through the streets? He sings something like:

I’ve got the golden ticket, I’ve got the golden ticket, blah blah blah

Well, that was us on Sunday, only:

We found the golden grocery store, We found the golden grocery store….

That’s right people! We found a grocery store, a real one, with wide, glistening aisles just bursting with products. There was produce, bread, meat, and toilet paper all in the same store. All in one place! The only small, teensy-weensy problem is we have to take a taxi cab or bus to get there because it is too far to walk. But NO PROBLEM, I say. Once or twice a month I can hop on to the bus or in a cab and do some real shopping! And that will be me, leaping on my way out of the store, my arms teeming with bright yellow and red “Billa” (pronounced Villa) bags, and singing about how I found the golden grocery store.