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Of Minarets and Minuets

According to my Lonely Planet travel guide, there is a lovely walking tour of the main sites in Sofia you can do by yourself. So, a few Sundays ago, we set out to conquer the city. According to the plan, we would see some churches, government buildings, and the old Turkish baths which were under […]

The Science of Laundry

Life really boils down to simple things. And it’s these simple things that we don’t even notice that make day to day living run smoothly. Or not. Take, for example, the laundry. It’s not like I have to carry my basket of clothes to the river with a board and a bar of soap. But […]

History of Bulgaria, Part 1: Pre-History

I would be remiss in my duties if I did not spend some amount of blogging time/space to recount the history of this fine country. But, like most countries in Europe, the history is thousands and thousands of years old. And I would hate to bore you. So, I will give you snippets of the […]

A Little “Side” Note

If you leave me comments (please do!!! I like to read what you are thinking about our adventure),and you are wondering if I responded…click on the comments section again. When I respond to a comment, that’s where it goes….

Up, Up and Away

I think our elevator, called a “lift” here, deserves its own post. We knew when we moved here that we would probably live in a tall building and somewhere near the top. And we knew, as Mark had learned during his previous visits, that most of the buildings only have stairs—no lifts. I know what […]

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping

Sofia is a town full of stores. There are countless stores that sell shoes, clothing, underwear, meats and cheeses, cell phones (called GSM here, after the technology they used to use), electronics, and books. In fact, there is even an Open Air Book Market with rows of people selling books. In a town so full […]

Who is Aleksander Nevski and why is a church named after him?

Last weekend, Mark and I set out to find the glorious Nevski church, one of the most famous landmarks here in Sofia. I spent all 7 of my college years (I’m including my Master’s degree—I didn’t just go through college slowly) at a Catholic University, so I have developed a love for giant, overly decorated […]

New Features

Mark, or as he prefers to be called, “The Webmaster”, has added some new features to the sidebar. There is an audio player which has traditional Bulgarian music on it, if you want to hear what it sounds like. There is also a weather feed so you know what the weather is like here each […]

What’s your vector, Victor?

Just in case you were planning on coming to Bulgaria, you should be fully informed about the travels and travails of the many airplane ventures you will encounter. Here’s a perfect example: OUR FLIGHT HERE Let us begin by discussing the packing nightmare. When you fly internationally, there are some serious rules regarding how many […]