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And the Mullet Redeems Herself

So, we travelled back up to L.A. yet again today to dejectedly collect our visa-denied passports. We were all solemn on the way up there, knowing the Mullet and her Evil Stepsister would be all glib that we had been rejected and seen as the frauds they know us to be. In fact, I was […]


Yup. You guessed it. Visa denied. Clearly the Mullet has won this round. Tomorrow we will find out if it’s worth our time to figure out why it was denied and try to fix it. But…I have a sneaking suspicion that Mullet had something to do with it, saying the documents weren’t originals, and they […]

We’re Still Here…

So, the visas will NOT be here in time for us to make our original flight home.  And we don’t know when the visas will be here, so we’re still here.  We hear it’s freezing at “home”, so it’s not the end of the world to hang out a bit longer in San Diego.  But […]